frequent asked questions:

how much wind is required for land yachting ?

the fun thing about land yachting is that because of the low resistance you don´t need much wind to make a good speed. With your own speed you create your own wind, combined with the normal wind this results in more speed. For kids wind force 2 on a scale Beaufort will be enough to get started, for adults wind force 3 is required.

What if there is not enough wind?

If you booked a full package we will provide a substitute activity, most likely this will be skatey riding. In case of a special cursus or an individual booking we will contact you in front, whether it is possible to go land yachting or not

Is land yachting dangerous?

We do everything we can to make it as safe as possible for our guests. We always adjust the sails, the course and the instruction to the weather conditions. If it is no longer justified to sail, we will have to cancel for that reason. Our cars are also equipped with a special system that makes it almost impossible to turn over. It remains an adventurous sport so of course it is not without danger.

How fast can the sailing cars go?

If you really have a lot of space, you can reach 4 to 5 times the wind speed. A class 3 on the beach easily achieves speeds of over 100 km/h. It of course depends on the amount of wind, the car, your skills and the circumstances. Our guests can reach around 50 km/h.

What happens if it rains?

We have suits for if it rains. As long as the wind blows we are good to go

What is the best way to dress for the activities?

Your casual wear is fine for land sailing. gloves are pleasant in the winter. You will receive a helmet and, if necessary, an overall. we do recommend closed shoes.

How old do you need to be for land sailing?

You can participate at the age of 7, for children we have smaller cars. Our oldest land sailer is 85

When is it not possible for me to participate?

Land sailing is a strenuous activity. it is up to you to determine if you are fit enough. but if you have back / neck complaints, if you are pregnant, or under the influence of alcohol or drugs, you are not allowed to participate.

Can I bring my own food and drinks?

No, we have a nice beach pavilion at our location so eating your own food and drinks is not allowed. excluding birthday cake when purchasing a children’s menu

Can I pay by card?