Land-sailing in Amsterdam!

Blokarting, landsailing, or sand yachting all different names for basically the same game. Riding a land-yacht is a great experience, the speed, acceleration and turns can be compared with a go-cart. The main difference being that we only make use of the power of the wind. Landsailers reach speeds of up to 4 to 5 times the speed of the wind.

Prior sailing experience is not necessary, we build up our course step by step so that all can experience this exciting sport in an as safe as possible way.

We are dependent on the weather we can sail from a steady 2 Beaufort up to about 7, we always adjust the sail size to the conditions at that day or moment, so that you can get the bet experience. In case there is a bit of rain we have rain overalls available. IN case the weather really doesn’t allow us to sail we have a variety of alternative activities available.

We offer various ways to experience land sailing. If your simply up for a nice time with a group of friends family or colleagues we advise you to book our clinic. If you are looking to go a bit more in depth and want the track all to yourself, a private might be more ideal for you. For those who really got hooked and want to head out to the beach to maybe even compete in regattas there is even the possibility to do a race course and get your official pilot license.